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UbrbanGram Pirangut 2015

Ubrban Gram Pirangut 2015

At Vastushodh, we look at our customers as our extended family. We're always looking at ways to give them a great experience with us. ThetBet was one such initiative. We organized a get together for all Vastushodh customers and their friends, where we invited them to our site at UrbanGram Pirangut for some garam chai and bhajji in the midst of nature. Our directors SBK and NBK had also dropped by to have one-on-one interactions with all the home-buyers.

Through ThetBhet, we wanted our customers to have a small glimpse at what their life in a Vastushodh home would be, while giving them a shortSunday monsoon getaway. It also gave them an opportunity to interact with their future neighbours - a little helping hand towards building a happy community!


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